Porsche 911SC ~ 1978-1983


Capacity: 2994cc

Compression ratio: 8.5:1/8.6:1/9.8:1

Maximum Power: 180/188/204bhp @ 5500rpm (US cars remained at 180bhp)

Maximum Torque: 265/265/267Nm @ 4300 (US cars: 235/244/244Nm)rpm

Brakes: Front: 287mm discs; rear: 295mm discs, servo assisted

Suspension: Front: Twin longitudinal torsion-bar springs, anti-roll bar, Boge dampers; Rear: Semi-trailing arms with torsion-bar springs, anti-roll bar, Boge dampers (Bilstein gas dampers optional)

Wheels & Tyres: Front: 15x6J with 185/70VR tyres. Rear: 15x7J with 215/60VR tyres (16inch rims optional)

Length: 4291mm

Width: 1626mm

Weight: >1160kg (1978 coupe)

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