Porsche 911SC ~ 1978-1983

Targa Similar to the previous Targa, but without opening quarter lights. From 1979 Targas were not offered with the optional Bilstein dampers because these accentuated body flex.

Cabriolet New for the 911SC was the optional of a fully convertible car which first appeared in 1982. The Cabriolet had a fully lined hood with a plastic rear window (a heated glass pane was optional). The open car had manual heating controls instead of the automatic system of the coupé, so that the heater could be used during open-top motoring (which would have confused the automatic system).

Martini Not strictly speaking a model in its own right, the Martini 911SC was nothing more than the standard car with the optional side-stripes that echoed the colours of the Porsche racing team which, at the time, was sponsored by the drinks manufacturer.

Weissach In 1980, the US market was treated to 408 Weissach limited edition cars. These had grey leather interiors with red piping, while outside they had Sports front and rear spoilers, and were finished in Black Metallic or Platinum Metallic.

Ferry Porsche anniversary To celebrate 50 years of the company, in 1982 Porsche produced 200 911SCs finished in Meteor Metallic with a Burgundy-coloured interior and Ferry Porsche’s signature on the headrests.

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