Porsche 911 Carrera (993) ~ 1993-1997

Targa An all new interpretation of the Targa body style appeared for 1996. This had had a glass roof panel which, at the touch of a button, slid back under the rear window. It was a much neater solution than the previous Targa in that it retained the classic 911 side profile and the roof didn’t take up valuable space in the luggage compartment. Also, when the roof was closed, the glass panel gave the cockpit an spacious feel. However, when it was opened, the two sheets of glass together restricted rear visibility.

Cabriolet The 993 was available in full convertible Cabriolet form from 1994, using an improved and fully electric hood. A mesh wind deflector could be fitted behind the front seats to reduce buffeting at high speed, although it meant the rear seats couldn’t be used.