Porsche 911S (C and D Series) ~ 1969-1971

An upgrade in engine size from 1991cc to 2195 gave the 911S a useful 10bhp hike in power to 180bhp. Unlike the 911E, though, the S didn’t gain such an improvement in low-down power and torque, so you still had to keep the revs up above 5500rpm to get the full benefit of the extra horsepower. If nothing else it made it a lot of fun to drive, if somewhat less practical than the E for everyday use. Porsche 911S (C and D series) 1969-1971 In other respects, the C and D series 911S followed the same mechanical and trim improvements as the 911E. As before, though, the S had conventional front suspension, with the hydropneumatic system being an option for those people wanting extra comfort. What was no longer an option for the 911S was Sportomatic transmission – Porsche figured that anyone buying the sports model would want a five-speed manual gearbox.

Some people today say that you’re better off buying a contemporary 911E or even a 911T over the 2.2-litre S because they are more driveable cars. However, others enjoy having to keep the revs up and make full use of the five-speed gearbox. Porsche 911S (C and D series) 1969-1971

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