Porsche 911S (E Series) ~ 1972-1972

The 911S was updated for the 1972 model year with the same capacity 2341cc engine as the 911E. Porsche somewhat optimistically called this a 2.4-litre powerplant (it’s actually closer to 2.3-litres). The engine was basically the same as that for the 911E but tuned to produce 190bhp – the 200bhp 911 was getting closer!

However, the big news with the 911S was the adoption of a front spoiler – the first time such an aerodynamic aid had been fitted to a production 911. By modern standards this appears to be little more than a modest lip below the bumper, but in the early 1970s it really looked the part, and gave the car a more aggressive appearance (note that the spoiler was optional on E and T models)

More importantly, though, the bumper went some way to improving the 911’s high-speed stability by reducing front-end lift by a claimed 40 percent. This gave a noticeable improvement but in some ways made the rear-end lift even more of a concern, but a spoiler at the back of the car was yet to come. What the 911S did have, though, was the same external oil-filler cap as the 911E – a telltale sign that was limited to this model year. Indeed, in all other ways the S had the same upgrades as the E of the same year, including the 915 gearbox with its ‘H’ gate.

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