Porsche 911E (F Series) ~ 1973-1973

After a number of unfortunate incidents where people filled E series 911s with petrol via the external oil-filler in the right-hand rear wing (an easy mistake to make, considering that’s exactly where most cars have their petrol cap), Porsche decided to act quickly. So just a year after the oil tank was moved forward, it was returned to its old place to the right of the engine, with the filler tucked safely away under the engine compartment lid.

That apart, the F series cars offered other minor updates as well. Perhaps the most useful (potentially at least) was the introduction of strengthening beams in the doors to give improved protection against side impact.

As was the fashion of the day, the headlamp and rear-light surrounds and front quarter grilles were now finished in matt black, instead of chrome.

A new feature of the 911E were cast aluminium wheels, which were cheaper (although not as strong) as the previous forged magnesium alloys. With its five chunky spokes this ATS-made wheel was soon christened the ‘cookie cutter’.

The 911E also featured as standard the front lip spoiler, which was first seen on the 911S a year before. Mechanically, it continued unchanged.

The F-series was the last of the short-lived 2.4-litre 911Es and, although very similar to the E-series, probably has the edge in terms of appeal today, if only because of the front spoiler.

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