Porsche 911S G, H, I, J Series ~ 1974-1977

The G series, Porsche realigned its model line-up. The 911S was no longer the range-topping car but rather a mid-range model comparable to the previous 911E.

It ran a 2.7-litre engine equipped with Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection that produced 175bhp in rest-of-world form. However, in the USA increasingly demanding emissions regulations meant that, for the H series cars in 1975, the engines were fitted with air-pumps which, basically, diluted the exhaust gases with fresh air but at the same time knocked 10bhp off the maximum. The same year, cars for the Californian market for fitted with thermal reactors and exhaust-gas recirculation (EGR) systems that reduced the maximum output to 160bhp. Porsche 911S G, H, I, J Series

In other ways, the 911S was similar to the entry level 911, and adopted the same improvements. The impact-absorbing bumpers transformed the car’s looks, as did the full-width rear reflector, while new ‘elephant ear’ door mirrors appeared on the I series version for 1976. Inside, the 911S also followed the basic 911, and had that car’s same four-spoke steering wheel.

The 911S came as standard with 15-inch ATS ‘cookie cutter’ wheels fitted with 185/70VR tyres. Porsche 911S G, H, I, J Series

Today, if buying a 911S of this age, it’s important to bear in mind that it was no longer the range-topping car – that privilege went to the 911 Carrera.

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