Porsche 959 ~ 1986-1990

Developed as a homologation special to enable Porsche to compete in Gruppe B motorsport, the 959 became one of the most technologically advanced – and fastest – cars ever built.

Based on a 911, the 959 had carbonfibre body panels, sophisticated four-wheel-drive, six-speed gearbox, active suspension, magnesium-alloy wheels with tyre-pressure sensors, run-flat tyres, and stunningly styled lines. Porsche 959

The engine was an all-aluminium unit that was essentially air-cooled, but with water-cooled cylinder heads. Two sequential turbochargers and twin intercoolers helped it to produce no less than 450bhp.

With power like this going to all four wheels, the 959 could rocket to 62mph in just 3.7 seconds, and go on to a top speed of 197mph. Figures that few cars have beaten to this day.

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